About us


Sir Mulligan is built on a desire to play AND work within the golf universe. The people behind this company are used to not being able to play golf all year. Winter time meant golf-break for us. Therefore, we have this craving feeling for summer golf. We just want to shop new golf outfits for the summer and get our clubs ready for the fairway. 

We want to assist our fellow golfers when it comes to that "craving" feeling for amazing golf wear, and get them ready for good times on the golf course.

As everyone know now a days, there can always be complications with shipping times and delivery issues. Therefore, we want our customers to know that we are always at your service to fix any potential upcoming delivery problems. We will also make sure to compensate you, if needed.

if you want to reach us you can click the contact button in the footer of each page or email support@sirmulligan.com. We always make sure to reply the same day.

Now, Let´s get those birdies!

Best regards,

SirMulligan Team