Why us?

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Hello there!

Sir Mulligan is built on a desire to make headlines within the golf genre. We are a group of people with mixed roots from Scandinavia and the US. All of us are huge fans of golf and all the fancy and unique equipment that comes with it. The way a nice clothing can make you feel more confident on the golf course, or how smart and fancy accessories can make you more prepared for the game. That is just two of the million things that makes you wanna live and play the sport golf.



Our goal is to make the whole golf-shopping experience smarter and better for the fellow golfer. The products we sell are always of good quality and almost always to a better price than our competitors. 


A Happy customer

The thing that bring most value to us is a happy customer. Therefore, we use shipping methods best suited to make sure you have your products within a few days. And would any problems or delays appear, we are eager to reply and assist the customer within the hour.

if you want to reach us you can click the contact button in the footer of each page or email support@sirmulligan.com. We always make sure to reply the same day.

Now, enjoy our store. We have put a lot of time and love into it. 


Best regards,

SirMulligan Team